The Getting Started series of videos will get you quickly up to speed with the essentials of Sketchup.

The Getting Started sections has four videos, they cover:
Part 1 – Learn the basics of working in SketchUp.
Part 2 – Dimensions, Accuracy, Combining Surfaces, Offset, and more…
Part 3 – Creating an Interior, Colors, and Furniture
Part 4 – Creating Furniture and Grouping Components

If you are already familiar with Sketchup, take a look at the videos in the Technique Series to hone your skills and learn new tools.

The videos cover the following topics:

  • Inferencing & Inference Locking
  • Matching Photos
  • Accuracy
  • Advanced Sections
  • Autofold
  • Copy and Arrays
  • Dynamic Components
  • Intersects with Model
  • Layers
  • Mirroring
  • Scenes

If you are working with both CAD and SketchUp, there is an Expert Series that covers:

  • Creating Walls
  • Doors and Windows
  • Importing
  • Photoshop Lens Blur

Layout is a SketchUp companion application for output of your SketchUp files to presentation documents with 3D views, Elevations, Plans, and Sections! Learn how to use layout to save time and energy.

Tools in Sketchup! Here are 20+ videos on the tools available in SketchUp.

Want to add textured 3Dimensional Context buildings from your site to your SketchUp document quickly? Of course you do! Check out the Geo-Modeling with SketchUp 8 video, and other advanced time-saving techniques in the Creating Models with Google Earth tutorials.


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