Thanks for inquiring about the CNC router at the BAC. A CNC router is a 3-axis (x, y, z) digital fabrication tool used for cutting sheet stock (plywood, foam, etc.) as either 2D cuts (similar to the laser cutter) or 3D contours (such as a site model). Our CNC machine has a 2′x4′ bed size and can be used to produce furniture, signage, site models, pavilion scale projects, and mush more! The CNC is located in Rm. 003 of 320 Newbury Street and Partworks (the coding software used to cut any project) is available on every workstation in Rm. 401.

We have developed a CNC Manual to help you orient yourself to the logistics and workflow of CNC operation at the BAC. Please take the time to review the manual – we will refer to it often!

Download the CNC Manual 

The CNC uses files produced by Partworks2D or Partworks 3D, which is available in room 401 of 320 Newbury Street and in the CODER Lab. The software is produced by Vectric and is the same as Cut2D and Cut3D. There are some great tutorials on the Vectric site that will help you getting started with preparing your files for the CNC machine.

For Cut2D (the same as Partworks2D) tutorials, click here.
For Cut3D (the same as Partworks 3D) tutorials, click here.

David Hansen is the BAC fabrication labs coordinator (CNC and Woodshop).
The CNC machine is available by appointment to all BAC students and Faculty.

Booking is scheduled via

All questions/concerns should be sent to

Students and Faculty may book a meeting with a knowledgeable CNC Operator for 3 types of sessions:

  • ORIENTATION (1 hour): I want to learn how to use the CNC machine.
  • PREP (1-2 hours): I want to review my toolpaths or ask questions about my project, the software etc.
  • CUT (1-3 hours): I have had a ‘prep’ meeting, and my project has been reviewed by CNC Operators or Computing Assistants. I have the appropriate materials in hand, and am ready to cut.

 The CNC Router is operated by appointment only. You must schedule through our online booking system and you must be present in the CNC Lab for the duration of the job.

CNC Manager
Sean Riley


Hours of Availability:
By Appointmentment Only

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